Thursday, September 29, 2022

More Schengen states are introducing border controls

 The Czech Republic has temporarily reintroduced controls at the border with Slovakia due to increased illegal immigration. In turn, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and France have introduced almost permanent internal border controls by circumventing the Schengen Agreement on the free movement of people.

The Czechia has announced that inspections will be in place for 10 days, and then further decisions will be taken.

Denmark resumed controls at the border with Germany due to migration and at the border with Sweden due to the threat of organized crime and terrorism.

Norway has been carrying out border controls since November 2015, justifying this, like Sweden, by the terrorist threat and uncontrolled migration.

Germany introduced border controls with Austria for security and migration policy reasons. Regular checks also take place on trains entering Germany from Poland, even though there is no formal Schengen suspension between Germany and Poland.

"France, Germany, and Austria are among the most vocal critics of Poland and Hungary's undermining the rule of law. Rightly so. Now, however, they do not comply with the key CJEU decision just because they do not like it."