Tuesday, September 6, 2022

People are fleeing from the vicinity of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

 In a speech delivered on Monday late in the evening, President Zelensky said that the last power line connecting the Zaporizhzhia power plant with the Ukrainian energy system was damaged due to another Russian shelling.

"Again, due to the Russian provocation, the Zaporizhzhia plant is on the verge of a nuclear disaster," Zelensky. He added that Russia is a terrorist state that does not care what the IAEA says.

In recent days, in Enehodar, where the Zaporizhian plant is located, Ukrainian military intelligence reported on Tuesday that the number of residents trying to leave the Russian-occupied city has increased. They are responding to the growing risk of losing control of the situation at the power plant.

According to intelligence assessments, more and more Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant employees would like to quit their jobs.

Zaporizhzhia NPP is the largest power plant of this type in Europe. Russian soldiers with heavy equipment and employees of the Russian Rosatom concern are stationed there. The facility has been occupied by Russian forces since the beginning of March.