Monday, September 19, 2022

Poland finally asks for reparations; German press sees Poland as enemy of the EU

 Hungary, Poland, now Sweden, and soon also Italy. The Sueddeutsche Zeitung warns of an "illiberal bloc" in the EU.

Some German media are increasingly concerned about the conservative tendencies in individual European countries. In "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" (SZ), Hubert Wetzel argues that tough times have come for the EU. In his Sunday commentary, he complains about Hungary, Poland, and several other countries.

"This is not a good autumn for the European Union. In the East, it is getting gloomy. Hungary, as the European Parliament has just stated, is no longer a democracy but an" autocracy with elections. "On Sunday, the European Commission instructed European governments to cut Budapest money on account of continued violations of common rules, "- he writes in the Sunday paper.

"Poland is behaving similarly. If Hungary and Poland were not EU members and had now applied for admission, their application would have been rejected," he adds.

"European values - democracy, human rights, the rule of law, separation of powers and a free press - are not so important there. (...) In the long run, Europe will not be able to cope with a large number of member states ruled by the enemies of Europe."

What is amazing about this is that both the European Commission and the German press think it is appropriate to attack democratically elected governments just because they are conservative. And that the critique comes from the country that refuses to take responsibility for the crimes committed in WWII, the crimes for which there is no statute of limitations. And no, it is not hard to notice that attacks have increased after Poland asked for war reparations.