Friday, September 16, 2022

Poland wants reparations from Germany, Chancellor Shultz mentions border changes

 On Thursday evening, an excerpt from the German chancellor's speech at the M100 Media Awards in Potsdam was posted on Twitter by an internet user.

In his speech, Scholz stated: "I would like to say, looking at Donald Tusk (former PM of Poland), how important are the agreements negotiated by Willy Brandt (the chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1969–1974 - ed.) and the border between Germany and Poland is established once and for all after hundreds of our history."

"I would not like some people to rummage in history books to introduce revisionist border changes. This must be clear to all of us."

The statement by the German chancellor triggered a wave of comments, and many have pointed out that the issue of post-WWII border setting returned when Poland took up the subject of reparations.

"Scholz's brazen insinuations about the revision of borders" - MEP Beata Mazurek commented in social media. "This is a desperate attack of cowardice in the face of responsibility and redress for the attack on Poland and the murder of millions of its citizens."