Friday, September 9, 2022

Poland will buy the AH-64E Apache helicopters

 Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak informed about the inquiry concerning the acquisition of 96 AH-64E Apache helicopters.

The inquiry concerns the acquisition of attack helicopters for the needs of the Land Forces Aviation. Of course, the inquiry is usually for the maximum number, but its momentum is similar to the inquiry about the possibility of purchasing 500 HIMARS launchers.

They will be part of the 1st Aviation Brigade of the Land Forces. Still, in the first place, they will go to the new 18th Mechanized Division, like the American divisions of the land forces, which include a helicopter brigade.

Along with purchasing the AH-64E, the Deputy Prime Minister announced that Poland would obtain a technology transfer. Undoubtedly, with such many helicopters planned, it is worth having their full service in Poland.

Błaszczak also referred to the discussions with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. "I also asked that the time devoted to the production of helicopters be filled with leasing helicopters from the US Army." Poland may lease helicopters in the AH-64D version, used in the US Army alongside the Guardians, and then they will be upgraded to the AH-64E Apache Guardian version.

Apache Guardian, or AH-64E, is the latest version of the US Army's basic attack helicopter, also used for operations in Poland to strengthen NATO's eastern flank.