Thursday, October 13, 2022

According to opposition leaders Belarus will not attack Ukraine

 The Belarusian opposition is ready to talk to members of the regime of Alexander Lukashenka, says Swiatlana Cichanouska. According to the politician, not everyone involved in the government there wants to continue to support activities that are destructive to the country. She also does not believe that Belarusians will go to fight for Vladimir Putin's decisions in Ukraine.

"I do not believe that an attack by Belarus on Ukraine is possible. Ukraine is prepared for provocations. Fields, roads, and bridges near the border have been mined. However, Russia may again use the territory of Belarus to attack Ukraine," - said Cichanouska.

In her opinion, Lukashenka's recent aggressive declarations towards Ukraine are directed not at the West, but at Belarusian society.

"Lukashenka says that the Ukrainians are preparing to attack Belarus, that they are our enemies. (...) He wants to justify the presence of Russian troops in Belarus to the public. People know the truth, however. Perhaps not. everyone, therefore, one of our main tasks is to inform that Lukashenka should not be believed "- she said. 

When asked if there was a chance that Lukashenka would come to an understanding with the West and sit down to talks with the Belarusian opposition, she replied that it should be remembered that he had been playing the game with the West and Russia for many years. "At the beginning of the aggression against Ukraine, he put everything on Russia's victory. He wanted to be on the side of a winner. Now, when the Russian ship is sinking, Lukashenka would like to break the line connecting his boat with this ship. Currently, however, it is impossible. Western countries no longer believe him. They do not recognize him as president, "- said Cichanouska.

“However, we must protect Belarus and its independence. We see changes that are being made in Belarus by peaceful means through negotiations. That is why we appeal to the representatives of the regime to save our country together. We tell them that they don't have to be loyal to Lukashenka. We are ready for dialogue; we are looking for mediators for this dialogue. The fear within the nomenclature is great, but the situation is changing. We see Ukrainian victories on the battlefields, and we see that the image of the second-largest army in the world is collapsing. Much will depend on the outcome of the war in Ukraine. Lukashenka would like to survive politically, but I doubt if he will succeed,” she added.