Friday, October 14, 2022

President Duda will not negotiate with the EU, he feels cheated

 President Andrzej Duda feels cheated by the head of the European Commission. He will not negotiate further concessions on 'The National Plan for Reconstruction and Increasing Resilience' (KPO), said the spokesman, Jakub Kumoch.

The head of the International Policy Bureau of the presidential office stated that President Duda agreed on the terms with Ursula n, but "it turned out that despite the agreement, the chairwoman was too weak politically to convince her community and pressure groups."

- The president feels cheated. He feels that the agreement with him has not been kept. Many countries thought that this issue would be resolved - said Jakub Kumoch in the internet part of the "Guest of Radio ZET" program.

- There was no agreement on the details of the law - except for the abolition of the Disciplinary Chamber, so basically it was a signal from the EC that the mere announcement of the law by the president would unblock the KPO. We understood the signal as in classical diplomacy: there is war in Ukraine, we need to make peace quickly, we need to save our face, so give us something. We did - said the presidential minister. He also stressed that the Polish president would not join further negotiations with Brussels.

- This would put him in the position of a petitioner - said the presidential minister and added that the president - does not see a role for himself here anymore. He did what he was supposed to do, and the ball is on the side of the European Commission, - said Kumoch.