Sunday, October 9, 2022

Propaganda at its best? Polish company won't fix howitzers because it asked for sensitive data

 Germany is the last in line when it comes to helping deliver any heavy weapons to Ukraine. They delivered twenty-two Panzerhaubitze 2000 gun-howitzers, which break a lot, but you wouldn't know that from German media reports. Instead, they started a media blitz against Poland. 

Here is a sample of what they report:

German weapons are helping Ukraine fight Russia — but they also need maintenance. A repair center has so far failed because of Poland, but according to SPIEGEL information, an alternative is now being discussed.


Warsaw blocks German plan to establish much-needed maintenance hub close to Ukrainian border for PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers unless Polish state-owned arms manufacturer takes the lead and is allowed in on trade secrets. Germany now considers Slovakia as an alternative location.

Here is what the Polish media (wpolityce dot pl) report:

At the beginning of summer, the Germans handed over a few PzH 2000 cannon-howitzers to Ukraine. Most of them turned out to be out of order, while others started to break down quickly.

The German side approached the Polish authorities with a request that repairs of defective howitzers brought from Ukraine take place in Poland. The defense minister, Deputy Prime Minister Błaszczak, commissioned the Polish Armaments Group to coordinate this task.

The Germans listed military units as the place where these repairs should take place. This contradicts commonly accepted solutions that assume that the repairs of military equipment are carried out by armament plants. The Germans demanded not only securing the area but also accommodation, food, and medical care for representatives and employees of the German side.

The Polish Ministry of Defense listed six industrial locations, including those located within 150 km of the Polish-Ukrainian border. The Germans demanded that they be in military units within 80 km from the border, preferably in Rzeszów. Warsaw informed Berlin that this condition could not be met due to safety and the lack of spare production capacity and space. Rzeszów, and its vicinity, are the center of aid for Ukraine - including the military.

While the talks were underway, the German side decided to use media pressure, creating properly formulated leaks that did not reflect the essence of the talks. Poland was accused of ... blocking aid to Ukraine! German journalists write about the "disappointment" and suggest that repairs will take place in Slovakia.

If you think 'black propaganda' is used, it probably is.