Monday, October 17, 2022

The Council of Europe will deal with German reparations for World War II

 "In the coming weeks, a draft resolution of the Council of Europe on war compensation from Germany for countries behind the Iron Curtain will be prepared. It is about the problem of the lack of a court route to satisfy the claims of some victims of World War II," - Law & Justice MP Arkadiusz Mularczyk told the media. The politician said that his project concerns Poland, Greece, Italy, Serbia, and countries from Central and Eastern Europe. Support was expressed by people holding key positions in the Council of Europe.

Mularczyk, who coordinated the work on the report on the war losses in Poland caused by Germany, said that during the talks he held this week with politicians from the Council of Europe, there were proposals "to consider preparing a draft resolution on examining Germany's policy on implementing the right to just compensation for all victims of World War II, refusal to regulate these matters in the form of bilateral agreements and the lack of a legal route for victims of World War II, especially for victims from Central and Eastern Europe, Greece, Italy or Serbia."

The lack of the right to compensation for all victims of the Second World War, the lack of will on the part of Germany to regulate these matters in the formula of bilateral agreements, as well as the lack of a judicial route infringes the assumptions of the European Convention on Human Rights.