Tuesday, December 6, 2022

European Parliament started a procedure for amending the EU treaty

 In June, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling on the European Council to agree to start the process of revising the EU treaties. According to the official communiqué, the aim is to "reform voting procedures in the Council in order to increase the European Union's ability to act, including moving from unanimity to qualified majority voting in areas such as sanctions, so-called bridging clauses, and emergencies."

Another task is to "align the EU's powers, especially in the field of health, cross-border health threats, achieve an Energy Union based on energy efficiency and renewable energy, in line with international agreements against climate change, defense, and social and economic policies, and ensure full implementation of the European Pillar social rights and social progress protocol."

EU founders wanted an organization where everyone would be equal and where small and weaker states would have the same rights as large ones. What is proposed now is the abolition of the right of veto in all areas, which will mean that larger states will be able to impose everything on smaller ones - against their will. For example, the Czech Republic does not agree to something in the field of foreign or security policy, but it could be imposed on them.