Saturday, May 20, 2023

An information campaign about Polish war losses will begin in Germany!

 wPolityce(.)pl: Deputy Foreign Minister, Arkadiusz Mularczyk, informed that on May 22, he will hold a meeting with German parliamentarians, during which the issue of compensation for Poland will be discussed. He added that an information campaign will also start in Germany, dealing with, among others, Poland's war losses.

I will hold a meeting with German parliamentarians, both governmental and opposition, on the issue of compensation for Poland and the looting and destruction that the Germans committed during World War II – said Mularczyk during a press conference on Saturday.

As he said, in addition to the issue of compensation, other topics will also be addressed, such as the lack of commemoration of the murdered Poles in Berlin, the lack of symmetry in the issue of financing the learning of the Polish language, signs of discrimination against Polish citizens, "and we even see disturbing phenomena related to the promotion of fascism here or Nazism in some German circles." 

We do not consent to present the history of World War II, Polish victims and the tragedy that affected Poland in a false light, in a distorted mirror - emphasized Mularczyk.

We are starting a wide information campaign in Germany. We have printed reports in German and these reports will be distributed to all German parliamentarians, to the Bundestag, to the Bundesrat, also to representatives of the German government, to leading think tanks, to German media, to state governments, - he added.