Sunday, May 7, 2023

Polish Border Guard plane intercepted by Russian jet nearly crashed

A spokeswoman for the Polish Border Guard said that the incident occurred over the Black Sea on Friday, May 5, when the Polish plane was conducting a patrol over the Black Sea for EU border protection agency Frontex. 

"During the patrol flight of the Turbolet L-410 aircraft of the Polish Border Guard, during the Frontex operation under the command of Romania, a dangerous event occurred in the operational area," - said the spokeswoman Lieutenant Anna Michalska. She pointed out that during the incident with the Russian fighter, the 5-person crew of Polish Border Guard officers temporarily lost control of the aircraft and lost altitude.

"A twin-engined Russian SU 35 fighter flew without any radio contact into the operational area and made aggressive and dangerous maneuvers - three approaches to the Polish plane without safe separation. As a result, there was a lot of turbulence around the Polish plane."

"The Russian combat aircraft also flew right in front of the SG plane, crossing its flight path at a dangerous distance. According to the crew's assessment, it was about 5 meters. After the third approach, the Russian fighter moved away from the Polish plane."