Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Another law aimed at opposition?

 Niezalezna(.)pl: Polish parliament, the Sejm, received a draft resolution of Law and Justice (PiS), which opposes the new EU rules for the relocation of illegal migrants. 

- The Sejm of the Republic of Poland strongly opposes the attempt to introduce mechanisms for the forced relocation of illegal economic migrants at the EU level on the basis of the regulations of the European Parliament and of the Council on asylum and migration management and on the asylum procedure as agreed by the Council of the European Union on June 8, 2023. , with the opposition of Poland and Hungary - it was written. 

MP Jan Mosiński stated that the PiS resolution opposing the relocation of illegal migrants to Poland is a kind of "check" against the opposition. 

Do we want a safe Poland, envied by the inhabitants of Western Europe, where there are terrorist attacks and attacks on defenseless children and women every now and then, or not? On such an obvious matter, there should be no problems with the overwhelming majority – he assessed in an interview with the Niezalezna(.)pl portal.

Today, of course, some people have a kind of amnesia about what they were saying. This resolution will be "checking" against them, - he added.

It is possible in 24 hours the EU Parliament will have another emergency session about Poland introducing laws aimed at opposition.