Thursday, August 17, 2023

"Equality Parade" near Jasna Góra, a failed provocation This year a handful of people attempted to participate in the "Equality Parade" near at the Jasna Góra monastery in Czestochowa at the peak of pilgrimage from around the country and the world. This year nearly 40 such pilgrimages.

There were also protesters against the parade. 

Because only a handful of people showed up, the march ended before it has even begun.

Father Michał Bortnik, spokesman for Jasna Góra: - We do not take a position on the matter. The parade does not take place in the Jasna Góra monastery. Although certainly organizing any gatherings near Jasna Góra, during the period of increased pilgrimage traffic, raises concerns as to the logistic solutions, as well as the peaceful course of the pilgrims' ascents.

Pilgrims have the right to prayerful concentration and the traditional walk through the streets of the city, the more so that some of them, already walked more than 600 kilometers. We only hope that those issuing permits for both walking pilgrimages and the 5th "Equality Parade" have in mind the well-being and safety of all participants.

There is a need to be sensitive to contacts with some media, because, for example, a commercial television crew was seen throwing beer bottles in the garbage cans, at the place of accommodation of the policemen guarding the events.