Thursday, August 24, 2023

Ruling party caught on a "lie" in a election campaign commercial

 Wpolityce(.)pl/Niezalezna(.)pl: Spokesman for the Civic Platform (PO), Jan Grabiec, announced that he had filed an application for a trial in the electoral mode. 
"PiS (Law and Justice) will have to apologize for lying in the spot about 15 percent unemployment during the rule of Prime Minister Tusk."

Following the post from the PO spokesman, an entry regarding this issue was posted on the Law and Justie profile on Twitter:

"Instead of presenting specific program proposals to Poles, politicians from the Civic Platform resort to brazen manipulation of facts. However, their actions border on the grotesque, because in subsequent entries posted on social media, PO politicians are happy that they caught PiS in a "lie", at the same time they do not refer to the fact that unemployment was 14.4 percent during their rule."

In a separate post politicians from PiS wrote: "Due to the PO's claims, we took a closer look at the matter and we have to correct it: unemployment under Tusk reached in February 2013. ONLY 14.4 percent, in other words over 2.3 million Poles, were unemployed at that time, but it did not reach 15 percent on a national scale. Certainly, it means lot in the situation of the then unemployed ... Especially those from the Pisz district, where unemployment in 2014 reached over 34 percent and counties where unemployment reached over 15 percent during Tusk, about 230 in all of Poland. As a reminder - under the rule of PiS, unemployment fell to 5 percent. (June '23)"

I hope PiS pays for their "LIES."