Friday, August 11, 2023

The first question in the referendum was revealed

Dorzeczy(.)pl: On Friday, the ruling party Law and Order (PiS) published a post on social media regarding a referendum that could be held together with the parliamentary elections on October 15. "For us, the voice of ordinary Poles is decisive. The voice of ordinary foreign politicians, including German ones, is of no importance, which is why we want to appeal to the people directly in a referendum on key matters," says Jarosław Kaczyński, deputy prime minister and PiS president, in the post.

"The first question will be: Do you support the sale of state-owned enterprises?" - informed the president of PiS.

"This is a question about consent to the sale of Polish national assets. Let me remind you that this is a contentious issue from the beginning of the new Poland and it still raises great emotions to this day, Kaczyński said on Friday during a statement for the media."

"The nervous reactions show that we hit the mark, that there were various far-reaching plans, and this referendum is intended to prevent them from being implemented, even if the Civic Coalition and its allies take power."

He emphasized that if the turnout in the referendum is over 50 percent, "we are dealing with a decision of the society. And we, as I said, refer to the will of Poles, not to various interests, including external ones. Not to what some politicians, recently especially German ones, express in their sometimes completely incredible and impudent statements, but to what Poles think, what our nation, or at least its majority, thinks," - he added.