Tuesday, August 22, 2023

US has approved the sale of Apache attack helicopters to Poland

Niezalezna(.)pl: The State Department has approved the sale of 96 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters to Poland. In accordance with arrangements with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, until the procedures are completed and the purchased helicopters are delivered to Poland, the US Army will provide Poland with Apache helicopters from its own resources.

Polish government expressed interest in the purchase of Apache helicopters last year.

The State Department has approved the potential sale to Poland of Apache attack helicopters with armaments, valued at $12 billion. It includes radars, 1,844 Hellfire missiles, 460 JAGM air-to-surface missiles, and 508 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

"The proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security goals of the United States by enhancing the security of a NATO ally that works for political stability and economic progress in Europe."