Friday, October 20, 2023

Civic Platform politicians finally agree, EU was financially blackmailing Poland. "The rule of law is only a fairy tale for the naive"

Niezalezna: The European Commission suspended payments from the National Reconstruction Plan (KPO) for Poland, explaining that the so-called milestones need to be fulfilled and the issues of the universally understood "rule of law."

Many publicists and politicians regarded the withholding of funds from the KPO as an element of a political game played against Poland by Brussels. The opposition, trying to take power in Poland, used the KPO topic in its pre-election campaign, and PO leader Donald Tusk, at one of the rallies, guaranteed that the day after his party won the elections, he would go to Brussels and unblock the KPO.

He has not unblocked it, but his party entourage is already trying to look for a "sensible" explanation.

Vice-chairman of the Civic Platform (PO), Izabela Leszczyna, in an interview on TV station TVN24, argued that the non-payment of funds has nothing to do with the need to change Polish law but with... the "PiS blockade." She assured the viewers that the appointment of a new government composed of representatives of the current opposition would lead to the unblocking of funds from the National Reconstruction Plan (KPO). "The day after the formation of the new government, we are able to lift the blockade from KP," she said.

"Poland has never violated any rules of the rule of law. [...] Brutal political blackmail was at work, which even the Targowica* 2.0 does not hide"
– Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kaleta commented on social media.

"PO leaders once again admit that the EU's long-term financial blackmailing of Poland was purely political. Poles were blackmailed to choose a government that was convenient for the EU," - wrote Kaleta.

(*) Targowica, historically the Targowica Confederation, is a synonym for the high treason by a group of people or political party.