Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Debate in European Parliament over how bad Poland is, 2 weeks before elections, making some MEPs uncomfortable

Niezalezna(.)pl: On Tuesday afternoon in Strasbourg, during the plenary session of the European Parliament, a debate took place on the alleged visa scandal in Poland. Opposition MEPs launched a tirade.

Polish oppostion party's MEP Robert Biedroń thundered that "PiS has created a visa mafia that threatened the security of Poland and the European Union."

Another opposition MEP , Róża Thun, added: "We have all been deceived by a government that calls itself Law and Justice (PiS), and which sells our visas at various stalls."

PiS MEP, Patrick Jaki replied: 

"This day will go down in the history of the European Parliament as the height of hypocrisy. 

[...] We built a wall on the border to stop illegal immigration. We even launched a special services operation to detect and stop illegal activities involving 268 visas.

[...] You invited millions of illegal migrants here. As it turned out, the German government finances boats with these illegal migrants.

 [...] As far as our method is concerned, Poland – according to your statistics – is one of the safest countries in the European Union. What are the effects of your method? Hundreds of people killed, exploding bombs, attacks, gang wars, an unprecedented number of rapes, including those of little girls. It's all your responsibility. 

[...] And you dare to accuse Poland? This contrast simply hurts you. Poland is your remorse. A monument and proof that it can be safe and proof of how you betrayed your own inhabitants. That's why you need Tusk to blur this contrast."

Clara Daly, an Irish MEP commented on the debate: "Today's debate makes me feel uncomfortable. We have an agreement not to influence the election results. Now we are having such a debate less than two weeks before the elections in this country. After all, we have a plenary session right after these elections. Then we could talk about it. After all, an investigation has been initiated in Poland, we could have waited. 

[...] We are thus abusing the rights of parliament."