Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Results of elections are in. There will be new government

Niezalezna(.)pl: National Electoral Commission announced the official results of the parliamentary elections. The highest result - 35.38% - was achieved by PiS.

The percentage results of individual committees are as follows: 

  • PiS - 35.38 percent,
  • KO - 30.70 percent,
  • Third Road - 14.40 percent,
  • New Left - 8.61 percent,
  • Confederation - 7.16 percent.

The number of seats in the Sejm (Parliament) won by individual parties is as follows:

  • PiS - 194 seats,
  • KO - 157 seats,
  • Third Way - 65 seats,
  • Left - 26 seats,
  • Confederation - 18 seats. 

The first meeting of the new parliament is convened by the President of the Republic of Poland and takes place within 30 days of the election day. At the same session of the Sejm, the Prime Minister submits the resignation of the government, and the President accepts it.

The next step is for the president to designate a new prime minister who - as is customary - is the representative of the party that won the most votes. The President appoints the Prime Minister together with the ministers proposed by him within fourteen days from the date of the first sitting of the Sejm. The new head of government has another two weeks to present the government's program of activities (exposé) to the Sejm with a request for a vote of confidence. This means that the new government may not be known until December this year.