Saturday, October 21, 2023

The ban on the sale of combustion cars may be inconsistent with Polish constitution

Energetyka24: Polish Minister of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro, applied to the Constitutional Tribunal to assess whether the regulation of the Council of the EU and the European Parliament on reducing CO2 emissions in the case of new vehicles after 2035 is consistent with the Polish constitution.

Ziobro said on Friday that "the EU, together with the new government being formed, wants to deprive Poles of the right to decide what cars they want to drive, wants to deprive Poles of the freedom to decide whether they want to drive a car with an internal combustion engine or a diesel engine, or whether they should only buy cars with an electric motor.

In March, the Council of the European Union adopted regulations that set more stringent carbon dioxide emission standards for new passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It assumes a 100 percent reduction in CO2 emissions for new vehicles after 2035. This means that the regulation prohibits the registration of new cars with an internal combustion engine from 2035. In July this year, the Minister of Climate and Environment, Anna Moskwa, informed that Poland had filed a complaint to the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding this ban.

Ziobro noted that as prosecutor general, he "consistently opposed the madness of EU policy, which attacks the basic interests and rights of Poles" and limits Poles' freedom and leads to transport exclusion because a significant part of Poles will not be able to afford electric cars.

According to him, these regulations will also hit small and medium-sized companies that will not be able to afford to replace their car fleet, which may lead to their bankruptcy and, consequently, to an increase in unemployment.

Ziobro said Poland was at risk of "a great catastrophe." “We cannot agree to this. That is why I decided, as the Prosecutor General and Minister of Justice, to apply to the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, which is the court of the Last Word. It is obliged to defend the provisions of the Polish Constitution, but also to defend the interests of Poles (...) to assess whether this regulation of the EU Council and the European Parliament is consistent with the Polish constitution," announced the minister.