Friday, November 3, 2023

Former president Dmitry Medvedev openly threatened Poland

Dorzeczy(.)pl: Poland's actions may lead to direct confrontation with Russia and Belarus and trigger World War III, says Dmitry Medvedev, former president of Russia.

"Poland's military expansion and Polish military presence in Ukraine may trigger a direct confrontation between Warsaw, Belarus, and Russia," Medvedev wrote in the government daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

He threatened that in such a case, Moscow and Minsk would provide an "adequate response to prevent threats resulting from the evil ambitions of the Polish establishment."

He further argued that "Poland's reckless actions, if rashly supported by NATO allies, could have far-reaching, dangerous consequences for the entire world." "And then Poland will play the role of the 'hyena of Europe' that started World War III," he added.

Medvedev wrote that "the poorly concealed hatred of the developed part of the European Union towards Poland, Poles, and especially PiS (Law and Justice party), will continue to persist and worsen their relations with the developed countries of Europe (primarily Germany and France)."