Thursday, November 9, 2023

The European Parliament lifted the immunities of Polish MEPs (for liking a post)! The basis was the accusations of a criminal convicted in Poland

Wpolityce(.)pl: In Thursday's vote, the European Parliament decided to lift the immunity of four Law and Justie (PiS) MEPs: Beata Kemp, Beata Mazurek, Patryk Jaki, and Tomasz Poręba. The basis was the accusation of inciting hatred by left-wing activist Rafał Gawł, convicted in Poland for financial embezzlement and wanted by the police. They incited hatred by liking or retweeting the campaign post of their own party, PiS, before the 2018 local elections on social media.

The post was about the threats related to the influx of illegal immigrants to Europe.

Gilles Lebreton, MEP rapporteur in the European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee, whose task is to give opinions on such applications, stated that it was politically motivated and recommended its rejection. However, on Tuesday, the Legal Affairs Committee voted in favor of the proposal.

Polonia News: We can now see how much Eurocrats care about their "rule of law" slogan. Does the European Union even have the Freedom of Speech written anywhere in the founding documents? Can any EU citizen point to it? In the US, every child knows about the First Amendment.