Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The referendum will probably be repeated! Protests so serious that the Supreme Court may invalidate the vote

Niezalezna(.)pl: Thousands of protests were submitted to the Supreme Court regarding the parliamentary elections and the referendum. The charges against the second voter are profoundly serious - they involve agitation on a massive scale by members of electoral commissions. As determined by Niezalezna(.)pl, the Supreme Court must issue a ruling by December 15, and its ruling may invalidate the referendum. This would mean the need to repeat the vote.

On Sunday, October 15, elections for members of the Sejm and senators for the Senate were held, but at the same time, Poles voted in a nationwide referendum.

Unfortunately, during the voting, there were numerous (thousands) cases when members of the electoral commissions asked whether the voter wanted all the ballots or even suggested "no referendum."

The National Electoral Commission informed the precinct commissions "that such actions are unacceptable."

This situation could undoubtedly have influenced the result of the vote and most likely did. There were over 2,000 formal complaints from the voters.

The number of complaints is so big that the Supreme Court may invalidate the referendum.

Polonia News: What happens to the whole vote if the referendum gets invalidated. The same people who broke the rules of the referendum also oversaw the election. If they attempted to influence one (by intimidation), what stopped them from influencing the other?

The National Electoral Commission did not validate the elections yet. What stops them? Is that why the opposition, who thinks they won, is in a rush to push the previous government out?

In the meantime, the EU is also rushing a vote on completely rewriting the Treaties that member states signed joining the Union.