Thursday, December 21, 2023

President of Poland: The constitution was blatantly violated

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Wpolityce(.)pl: President Andrzej Duda commented on the latest events in public media.  He revealed that before the meeting of the National Security Council, he talked for 45 minutes with Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Marshal Szymon Hołownia.

"Yesterday, the constitution was blatantly violated by Minister Sienkiewicz. (…) This is anarchy. Anarchy is circumventing applicable law when (...) changing the law is possible, and this law has never been questioned," said the President of the Republic of Poland on Radio Zet.

"Everyone has their own responsibilities and tasks. The President of the Republic of Poland too. I deal primarily with security issues, which is why a week ago I announced the National Security Council meeting yesterday. This Council has met (…). Today, we need to take great care of Poland's security. This is the most important thing," - said the president.

"However, when it comes to what we observed yesterday in connection with public television, I took actions that, in my opinion, the president should take. On the basis of the constitution, on the basis of the applicable law, I expressed my opinion both in writing to Prime Minister Donald Tusk and in a conversation with Prime Minister Tusk and Marshal Hołownia. I made my position very clear to them, a legal position, not a political position."

"I would very much like decency in public life and the rule of law in Poland, and what happened yesterday, unfortunately, completely contradicts this," - said the president, commenting on Tusk's response to his letter.

"... if Prime Minister Donald Tusk comes, accepts the portfolio of prime minister together with his ministers, takes an oath to comply with the applicable law and the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, I would like to ask that this be implemented, and not three days later to blatantly violate it with a smile on their faces, cynically claiming that they are just restoring order."