Wednesday, December 20, 2023

The New Polish government forcibly and illegally changes the management of public broadcasters

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What is happening in Poland today has all the signs of a coup. Let's hope it's not so.

Usually, the first thing that happens during a coup is that conspirators attempt to take over radio and television stations, and that's exactly what happened in Poland today. 

The radio and television signals were cut off, as well as mobile communication, and the people claiming to represent new management entered media buildings around Warsaw.

Niezalezna(.)pl: Mobile network broadcasters were ordered to turn off BTSs (base stations) around the headquarters of Television Poland (TVP), Polish Radio, and the Polish Press Agency (PAP). The order was sent to broadcasters by the Prime Minister's Office.

President of Poland reacted on X/Twitter:

"A political goal cannot constitute an excuse for violating constitutional principles and the law. Therefore, in connection with today's actions of the Minister of Culture regarding public media, I call on Prime Minister Donald Tusk and the Council of Ministers to respect the Polish legal order."


"Mr. President, as I have already informed you, today's actions are aimed - in accordance with our intention - at restoring legal order and common decency in public life," responded Donald Tusk.

He added:

"You can count on our determination and iron consistency in this matter," - not exactly apologetic.

The news portal Dorzeczy has 'behind the scenes of the takeover':

On Wednesday, the TVP Info signal was turned off, and the TVP Info portal also disappeared. After the signal was suspended, TVP Info broadcasted via its YouTube channel. The transmission was turned off after several minutes, and its recording was deleted.

A group of IT specialists secured access to the public broadcaster's social media profiles. It was behind the takeover of TVP Info's Facebook and YouTube accounts. They failed, however, to secure the X/Twitter profile with 846k followers. 

Earlier, the news portal Onet reported that planning the takeover took a long time.

"The plan was kept strictly secret. According to our informants, the final decisions on the shape and methods of changes were made over the weekend, and a very small group of people were involved in the entire process," Onet wrote.