Monday, December 25, 2023

The forcible takeover of public media is a well prepared operation

The forcible takeover of public media is a well prepared operation that seems to be prepared by formed government agents. It even has a code name

The journalist for the news portal, Wpolityce(.)pl, wrote about it today:

I left the Polish Press Agency (PAP) headquarters at one o'clock yesterday. As part of the group of citizens defending the rule of law, I witnessed subsequent attempts to forcibly and illegally take over this institution.

I received very interesting information and an even more interesting document from one of the employees of the attacked Agency.

It is a piece of paper - an instruction that fell out of the pocket of the self-proclaimed new president of the agency, Marek Błoński, during a scuffle with MPs on the sixth floor of the PAP building, in front of the office of the President of the PAP Management Board, when he tried to break into the office of the rightful, registered in the National Court Register, President Wojciech Surmacz (during this incident, the president Surmacz called the police). My informant managed to photograph the document.

This is a universal instruction without names. The person using it must substitute the appropriate ones. This may mean that all new presidents (TVP, Radio and PAP) received the same one.

All participants of this event use the "arguments" provided in this manual, they use the same false arguments written there.

Yesterday, the media revealed the existence of the "Enter" group on WhatsApp, where further steps aimed at forcibly taking over public media are discussed and planned.

There are many indications that this group has consciously prepared false legal arguments and that forceful actions are being considered/implemented/coordinated there, undertaken by "strong people", special services (possibly under the cover of security agencies and the police), as well as the police and others.

"It smells of martial law, but a cry of 50 is better than proof of the powerlessness of the authorities" – writes one of the people in the group.

Yesterday - and tonight - at PAP I saw with my own eyes how brutal the attempts to illegally take over the Agency's headquarters are. Poles defending it in front of the PAP headquarters, and journalists and MPs consistently demand one thing from the subsequent self-appointed presidents: to provide a legal basis justifying the takeover of PAP. Showing the nomination of the National Media Council or entry in the National Court Register.

MPs also warn those involved that they may be involved in criminal acts and that they will be prosecuted sooner or later.

In response, they hear sentences repeated like a mantra about the resolution of the Sejm (which has no power to change the law) and the new Supervisory Board appointed by Minister Sienkiewicz (which he had no right to do).

What is the source of these arguments? Who prepared them? Why are they constantly duplicated even though the legal status is different? After reading the manual we revealed, the picture becomes clearer."

- based on reporting by wpolityce(.)pl.