Monday, January 29, 2024

The post about Auschwitz was not a simple mistake it was a well planned lie

When I reported on the incident, I didn't have all the facts. I didn't see the original post, already removed and forgotten.

As portal 'WPolityce' (in politics) writes: "This is not a mistake, no unfortunate oversight, but a deliberate, conscious distortion of European history. The European Commission is writing it anew to hide German crimes of World War II and to use the tragedies for the current political agenda."

I can't show or quote the original post because it has been deleted.

The original video post listed the names, places of birth, and death of the victims of World War II. The murdered victims came from almost all of Europe: Denmark, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Hungary, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Greece, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Croatia, Sweden and Germany. From 18 countries, but not from Poland.

Place of their death was mentioned nine (9) times: Auschwitz Poland camp.

If you never learned about World War II in Poland, you could naturally assume that since none of the killed were Polish, it's because Poles were the perpetrators. 

There were no Germans or Austrians as the main perpetrators of the crime. There was no German occupation, and the Germans and Austrians did not introduce their criminal, genocidal orders in the conquered countries. It happened somewhere in one Europe and almost all Europeans were affected: Lithuanians, Luxembourgers, etc. and even Spaniards, Portuguese, and Swedes.

This vile video ad suggests that all European nations are equally affected by the crimes. The fate of Poles, who are not even mentioned as victims, was the same as that of Swedes and Spaniards, Germans and Austrians. All Europeans were victims of the Nazis, and most of these crimes were committed in Poland - a country without victims, a country of Auschwitz.

As I mentioned yesterday, no apology was issued by anyone in the European Commission leadership, and we should expect one. The ad was changed in the last 12 hours, but that's about it.

K @ PoloniaNews. Based on reporting by Wpolityce(.)pl