Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Farmers started protests in 580 towns and cities across Poland

Another farmers' protest is taking place across Poland today. They oppose the "Green Deal", the import of agri-food products from Ukraine, limiting animal breeding in Poland and the "dramatic situation" in agriculture. They want compensation and support for farmers.

In an interview with Republika TV, farmers expressed their expectations regarding the government's actions.

- We expect the government to get down to work, because for now it is not doing anything, it is just meeting with us, promising pears on willow, but there is no concrete information. We have been protesting for a month, but nothing is happening. If the government doesn't get down to business and doesn't influence the EU, we will slowly go bankrupt, - said one of the farmers.

Another protester pointed out that farmers were protesting in the interest of the entire society.

- If someone takes a closer look at climate policy, it looks terrible. People will pay exorbitant amounts of money for leaky windows. This is a very serious matter. Our protests are intended to make people aware of what may await us in the future, - say protesting farmers.

- Based on reporting by Niezalezna and Dorzeczy.