Sunday, May 19, 2024

Slovakia: there was more than one attacker. Authorities believe it was assassination by foreign agents

The Slovak police started working on a new investigative version. Based on operational information, they concluded that Juraj C. was not a "lone wolf." According to the police officials, two hours after he was arrested, someone deleted all of the attacker's social media accounts.

On Sunday, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Slovakia, Robert Kaliniak, and the Minister of Internal Affairs, Matusz Szutaj Esztok, held a press conference to brief the public about the current security situation. According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, a special investigation team will investigate the attack on Robert Fico.

– All policemen are in the field today, and constitutional officials and politicians recently threatened are under protection – said the minister Szutaj Esztok. He pointed out that Wednesday's attack on Prime Minister Robert Fico triggered a series of threats against the most important people in the country. 

The minister also said investigators had started working on a new theory regarding the attack on Fico. As it turns out, the attacker may not have acted alone but in cooperation with a group of people. All police officers are on the streets, and high-risk people and groups are monitored.

- Based on reporting by Niezalezna, Dorzeczy, and Wpolityce.