Monday, June 17, 2024

Poland suddenly has migration problem... from Germany

Until now, everyone thought that the border country would have a problem when migrants entered it illegally and were then allowed to stay and receive benefits similar to those in other EU countries. That means benefits are much higher than those that Poles receive. And if they attempt to move to Germany or other Western countries, they will be immediately returned to the country they entered first.

Last week, Polish media started to publish videos showing migrants brought to Poland by the German police. The problem is there is no proof that those people were in Poland, and according to the journalists, nobody even tried to prove that. In other words, Germany, under the protection of EU law, is removing migrants they don't need, and we are already talking about thousands.

Sebastian Kaleta, MP from Sovereign Poland, wrote on the X about the effects of the EU's adoption of the migration pact.

"The system was designed to keep immigrants from moving from border states such as Poland. After reaching the first EU country, a refugee is to receive all benefits and care at the expense of that Member State, which he or she may be deprived of if he or she moves to another country without consent. This is how Germany makes other countries pay for their mistakes in migration policy," - he pointed out.

But that's not all. Under the asylum directive, illegal immigrants, whom Poland must accept under penalty of financial penalties, will be able to bring their families to Poland.

"Interestingly, the concept of family is very broad, so we should expect an increase in applications for asylum for LGBT relationships; this way, one friend will quickly drag the rest of the waiting ones across the border," - wrote Kaleta. 

- Based on reporting by Dorzeczy, Niezalezna i Wpolityce