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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

10/31/17 (EN.): US

Tucker Carlson: Fox News Received Legal Threat From Podesta Lawyer for Ukraine-Manafort Report

Facebook: Half Of U.S. Voters May Have Viewed Russian Political Messages

Trump Adviser May Have Been Wearing A Wire In Conversations With Campaign Associates

Lindsey Graham: There 'will be holy hell to pay' if Trump fires Mueller [sounds like a dare]

10/31/17 (EN.): World

Bank of England believes Brexit could cost 75,000 finance jobs

What are they hiding? Construction site at scene of Polish presidential plane crash

South Korea, China Agree to Normalize Relations After THAAD Fallout

Wife of Chechen accused of Putin assassination plot assassinated near Kiev

They were looking for a missing woman. They found more than expected

Tokyo police have arrested a man after finding "multiple" dismembered bodies in coolers in his apartment in a city southwest of the capital.

The 27-year-old suspect, Takahiro Shiraishi, confessed to cutting up the bodies and hiding them in those coolers.

Investigators found the bodies while searching for a 23-year-old woman.

The arrested man suggested there may be more victims.

They went to film a plane landing. What they recorded is shocking

This Polish plane came close to catastrophe.

10/31/17 (PL.): Świat

Zatrzymano 19-letniego Syryjczyka, który planował zamach terrorystyczny w Niemczech

Wiele rozczłonkowanych zwłok w mieszkaniu Japończyka. Wyliczono 9 ofiar ale, może być więcej

Zastrzelono znaną lekarkę. Oskarżano ją o zamach na Putina

Dziennikarz: w miejscu katastrofy pod Smoleńskiem "budują" gazociąg

Mały książę na celowniku terrorystów. Rodzina królewska otrzymuje groźby

10/31/17 (PL.): Polska

„Fakt”: Doszło do tajnego spotkania Dudy z Kaczyńskim. Wiemy, co ustalono

Polska skazana na Leopardy? MON: „Nieporównanie więcej” Krabów

Szokująca i skandaliczna decyzja KRS. Rada powinna być natychmiast zreformowana

Miliard w ręce władzy. W przyszłym roku podwyżki w Sejmie, Senacie i Kancelarii Prezydenta

Kara w zawieszeniu dla aferzystów od reprywatyzacji. "Jestem zszokowany decyzją sądu"

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mueller Misdirection? Everybody falls for it

Speculation swirls amid reports Mueller has filed charges in Russia-Trump associates probe

Report Reveals CNN’s Close Ties to Trump-Smearing Firm Fusion GPS

George Washington’s Church Is Going To Rip Out His Memorial

Does Anybody Really Know What GOP’s Tax Bill Is?

All eyes on Spain and ... France

Tens Of Thousands Rally In Barcelona In Favor Of Unity With Spain

Poland will try to 'save from censorship' French monument of JPII

Under US Pressure, Israel Delays Move to Expand Jerusalem

Poland donates Christmas tree to Vatican

Poland will try to 'save from censorship' French monument of JPII

Poland will try to “save from censorship” a sculpture of Pope John Paul II, which might be removed in northwestern France, by moving it to Poland, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło has said.

French authorities want to remove a cross that sits on the top of the Pope's monument and symbolizes a symbol of Christianity something that according to them is unconstitutional and "has been controversial from the beginning."
France’s top administrative court the Conseil d’Etat has ruled that the cross must be removed as it is a religious symbol and breaks France's law of separation of Church and State of 1905. The rest of the statue, including an arch over the figure of the Pope, can remain in place.

- For Poles it is also a perfect opportunity to 'poke a finger' into Macron's eye (and world wide leftist movement) which I fully support.

More on Polish PM's proposal

10/29/17 (PL.): Świat

Somalia: Zamach w Mogadiszu. Dwie eksplozje i atak na hotel, zginęło co najmniej 20 osób

Rosyjski mundial: astronomiczne ceny hoteli w Kaliningradzie

Islamiści stawiają postulaty władzom Włoch. Domagają się większej liczby meczetów

Skandal we Francji. Dżihadyści z ISIS pobierali zasiłki dla bezrobotnych

10/29/17 (PL.): Polska

Orkan Grzegorz przeszedł nad Polską. Nie udało się uniknąć ofiar śmiertelnych

Beata Szydło: zaproponujemy Francji przeniesienie pomnika Jana Pawła II do Polski

Silny wiatr uszkodził rurociąg w gazoporcie w Świnoujściu

Kopacz radzi Kaczyńskiemu. I wskazuje kandydatkę na premiera

Saturday, October 28, 2017

10/28/17 (PL.): Polska

Musimy zwiększyć polską siłę ognia

Lądował w Smoleńsku przed TU-154. Jego zdaniem komisja smoleńska ujawnia "niewygodne informacje"

Pomnik UPA na Podkarpaciu za zniesienie blokady na ekshumacje. Kijów stawia Polsce ultimatum

Tragiczny finał bójki na Skwerze Kościuszki w Gdyni. Nie żyje 22-latek

10/28/17 (EN.): US

Mattis Warns North Korea About Aggressive Nuclear Program

Mueller probe: at least one person could be taken into custody as early as Monday

Senator Rubio Dodges Questions About Megadonor Paul Singer’s Funding of Anti-Trump Research Firm Behind Dossier

CNN’s Undisclosed Ties To Fusion GPS

10/28/17 (EN.): World

Spain Takes Control Of Catalonian Government

Now UN sees the need to stick its nose into Polish affairs: Poland's judiciary under 'attack'

Key Witness Identifies Russian Suspect In Funding Of Alleged Montenegro Coup Plot

EU takes aim at UK tax perks

10/28/17 (PL.): Świat

Hiszpania: UE nie uznaje niepodległości Katalonii. Madryt przejmuje kontrolę nad regionem

Korea Płn. może doświadczyć „zmasowanej reakcji militarnej”

Niemiecka autostrada prowadząca z Lubeki do Szczecina zamknięta na wiele tygodni

"Dziwny telefon" ożywił spiskowe teorie zamachu na Kennedy'ego

Poważne kłopoty Hillary Clinton. Na jaw wychodzą nowe fakty. Kluczowy świadek przerywa milczenie

Friday, October 27, 2017

10/27/17 (EN.): US

Trump Delays Release of Hundreds of JFK Assassination Files, Citing National Security

FBI Informant’s Lawyer — Obama Admin ‘Threatened’ My Client And His Caree

WSJ Editorial Board Calls on Robert Mueller to Resign from Russia Probe

Finally, Trump Administration Admits Wrong Doing, Settles With Tea Party Groups Over (Obama's) IRS Scrutiny

10/27/17 (EN.): World

Mattis stresses diplomacy in visit to Korean Demilitarized Zone

Spain PM demands direct rule on Catalonia

Polish PM denies speculation she could be replaced

Crimean Tatar Leader Vows To Return To Russian-Held Homeland

10/27/17 (PL.): Polska

Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz: nie stawię się przed komisją, jest niekonstytucyjna

Prezes IPN: wypowiedź Juszczenki skandaliczna

Przełom ws. Puszczy Białowieskiej. Unijni technokraci nie mogą zakazać wstępu do lasu

Wałęsa pomylił Piłsudskiego ze Sławkiem? „Oni wszyscy są podobni. Tchórze”

10/27/17 (PL.): Świat

Ujawniono część akt dotyczących zabójstwa J.F. Kennedy'ego. Co skrywały archiwa?

Holandia: wyniki śledztwa ws. katastrofy MH17 nie zostaną upublicznione

Dramat polskiej rodziny w Oslo. Sąd nie ma wątpliwości: będzie śledztwo ws. nadużyć urzędników Barnevernetu

Francja: Z pomnika Jana Pawła II zniknie krzyż. "To już nie laicyzacja, to dechrystianizacja"

Thursday, October 26, 2017

We visited MSM websites (so you don't have to). Can you guess what two stories are not reported?

Not one mention of Uranium One and/or Trump Dossier scandals. Even George Orwell (1984) would be surprised. (But, Russia Today does report on it. - see below LOL)


- Trump teases release of JFK files
- More than 50 years of conspiracy theories
- What's in the JFK files?
- Mark Halperin out at NBC after sexual harassment claims
- A president. A chef. The (incomplete) list of powerful men accused of sexual harassment after Harvey Weinstein
- US Ambassador under investigation
- Haley escorted from camp amid protests
- FBI docs reveal Sandy Hook shooter's pedophilia interest

CBS News:

- Jeff Glor named anchor of CBS Evening News
- Pentagon deployed elite commandos to search for soldier in Niger
- President Trump told reporters Wednesday he didn't "specifically" order the military mission in Niger...
- Read: Pressure mounts on Trump over troops killed in Niger
- U.S. troops were diverted into deadly Niger ambush
- U.S. forces had been interested in the village of Tongo-Tongo because of recruitment ...
- Public Health Alarm Sounded
- IV bags in short supply after Hurricane Maria disrupted production

ABC News:

- Trump to declare opioid public health emergency
- NAACP issues travel advisory against American
- Trump slams Democrats for helping to fund dossier
- Train slams into military truck; 4 dead
- Confusion surrounds Obamacare enrollment period
- Nature Vs. Nurture: Northwestern University Is Rethinking The Impact Of Genetics On Health
- San Juan mayor, energy company feud over contract
- Fisher-Price recalls 65,000 baby seats

NBC News:

- Trump to Declare Opioids 'Public Health Emergency'
- Trump Spent $1.75 Million on Presidential Furniture, Redecorations
- What Could Be in the New Kennedy Assassination Records?
- Boys Are Internalizing Toxic Masculinity Habits Way Too Early
- 3 reasons why you put off your mammogram, and why you shouldn’t
- Trump Doesn't Like Losers. So Naturally He Hates the GOP's Leaders
- NBC News Analyst Mark Halperin Accused of Sexual Harassment
- Puerto Rico Mayor, Montana Firm Feud on Twitter Over Power Deal

10/26/17 (EN.): US

Hillary Campaign, DNC Accused of Violating Election Law with Dossier Payments

Justice Department Frees Up Uranium One Informant To Congress

Elizabeth Warren: ‘Me Too’

Tucker Reveals Las Vegas Security Guard Left The Country Days After Shooting

10/26/17 (EN.): World

Trump slams Russia for hindering US efforts on North Korea

‘Irresponsible politicians' opened Europe’s borders to migrants: Polish FM

Pence: US Shifting Relief Funds for Persecuted Minorities in Middle East from UN to USAID

Lawmaker Injured, Two Killed In 'Terrorist' Bombing In Kyiv, Police Say